Replacing silver fillings

Silver, or amalgam, fillings are made with mercury, silver, tin and copper. In some cases, other metals may be included in amalgam fillings, too. A great deal of research has examined these fillings and found them to be an effective, long-lasting treatment for dental decay.

We often have patients ask us about options for replacing their old silver fillings for a more discreet option. Whilst this is possible and will renew your smile to better blend and dental work with your natural teeth, its not essential unless there is a concern about the structure of the original tooth.

Old silver fillings can deteriorate over time, leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay or tooth cracks. Should this occur, your Hadleigh Dental Surgery dentist will usually recommend replacing old silver fillings with a durable, more aesthetic composite filling, which we will match in colour to your natural teeth.

Restoring your teeth and regaining your smile

At Hadleigh Dental Surgery in Hadleigh we use resin composite fillings to match the colour of your teeth and ensure a long-lasting and natural-looking result. We also offer porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays as successful options for repairing cracked, broken, decayed or heavily filled teeth. They are hardwearing and can be colour-matched perfectly to your own teeth.

If you would like to discuss replacing your old amalgam fillings or for any dental needs, give us a call on 01473 823092.

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The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to Hadleigh Dental Surgery. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

48 Reviews


Mark Goody

Brilliant Dentist, would not go anywhere else


Sarah Perry

I have just finished my orthodontist treatment with Betzael Caracas-Morena and it was a lovely and friendly experience. Betzael is thorough and she goes above and beyond for you to make sure everything goes to plan. I would definitely recommend seeing Betzael if you were thinking of getting Invisalign’s.


Pizza Demon

Simply put, i wouldn't go anywhere else, highly Professional and friendly staff, Mr Wilson is our family dentist, absolutely brilliant, puts you at ease, no worries at all


Gae Ratcliffe

Nothing short of five star periodontal treatment from Dr Laura Bettini & her dental nurse, Miriam, yesterday, 16th May 2024. I was bowled over by the level of forensic professionalism coupled with an engaging manner that was both reassuring and calming. My comfort levels were checked constantly. Thank you! Thank heavens, because this is serious gum disease treatment ( to


Katy Arulampalam

Mr Wilson has been our family dentist for many years and always provides fantastic care and advice. He has gone above and beyond with fitting my children in when they have had dental emergencies. Great care from Lou the hygienist and Felix with his machine! Both excellent with their care, manner, explanations and expertise.


Stuart Mowle

Referred to Dr Singh by my regular dentist as I had an infection on front upper tooth which he couldn't find the cause of. Dr Singh did amazing 3D scan and worked out the problem. Root canal treatment followed and fitting of a Michigan splint and a year on my tooth has been saved. Excellent work!


Daisy Doardo

The team at HDS make a genuine effort to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit. On my first visit, I had a wisdom tooth removed. I can honestly say that the procedure was not painful. I was surprised by how at ease the team could make me feel during such an invasive procedure! On my second visit, I attended for a check up. A problem was found and I was given treatment options and a chance to ask questions. On both visits I have left feeling reassured and well looked after. Grateful to have such a fantastic dental surgery so close to home. Thank you HDS!


Paul Dachtler

I’m not going to say I enjoyed my recent visits to Hadleigh Dental Surgery, I had four teeth removed and I think some form of masochism might be needed to enjoy that. I did, however, find the whole experience so much more pleasant than any other comparable treatment I’ve had. The staff, from the reception team to the nurses and dentist, were all brilliant and I can say hand on heart I didn’t feel a thing beyond a small scratch from the anaesthetic jab.


Jacqueline Coe

I recently had an extraction with Vinod Patel and I can honestly say i cannot fault the service! I didn’t feel a thing, from the injection before hand to the extraction. The whole experience was painless and the extraction site is healing really well. Mr Patel gave me very clear after care instructions and was extremely caring throughout the whole process. He checked I was ok throughout the entire procedure and really put me at ease. I would highly recommended him for anyone who needs an extraction.


Gerald Main

Our family have been patients at the practice for over20 years.I am now a wheelchair user and was delighted to see the new extension and car park especially designed for those of us with disabilities and mobility issues. The new accessible surgeries are certainly wheelchair friendly and the staff go the extra mile to ensure everyone is comfortable before and during their treatments. Nobody likes going to the dentist,but at least with the new developments rhere are no steps and staircases to stress about and the staff are really nice.hey ! They’ve even. Gone to the trouble of including an acessible loo alongside the surgeries and waiting Their plans and designs.see you in 6 months time .


Jeff Santini

Always good service with mr. Singh.


Glenys Morris

Dr Patel performed a tooth extraction quickly and efficiently, taking time to reassure and inform a nervous patient! Excellent work.


Amanda Berry

Perfect treatment and was made very comfortable with all my treatment. Will definitely recommend to friends.



Highly recommend! I recently visited Hadleigh Dental Surgery for root canal treatment. Mr Singh was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel instantly at ease. I was very anxious, but was made to feel comfortable and the procedure was painless.


colin cresswell

allways get the dental care i need


Mark Prior

Recently been here for a root canal and surgery. I found Mr Singh and colleagues were amazing all throughout, they informed me what would be happening and explained everything thoroughly. Would highly recommend.


Pallas Athena

Mr Wilson is an excellent and gentle dentist - our whole family now goes to him. Very recommended


Andy Green

Had been referred to Dr Singh by my private dentist for a root canal. Work was completed above expectations, both parts of the procedure were near-painless and so far my recovery has been complete. Throughout both procedures I was made very comfortable (full mouth shield to stop debris from going into my mouth and throat for example), informed as to the progress and reassured throughout. I was also shown what work was carried out at the end of each procedure with photos and x-rays. Dr Singh and his dental nurses were also friendly and highly professional. Strong recommendation from me, if I were more local to Hadleigh I'd consider swapping dentist permanently. Only hesitation would be around price as it's a little more then my current private dentist, but if you can afford this level of treatment I'd go for it as it saves money and stress in the long run.


Sharne Jones

I recently had lengthily work completed by Dr Singh at Hadleigh dental and I can not recommend or thank the team enough. In November 2021 I had an accident which resulted in my front 4 teeth being very badly damaged. Having doubts about the proposed treatment I was being offered from my own dentist at the time (including removing the teeth) I decided to seek a second opinion and was immediately referred to Dr Singh to see if there was a possibility to save the damaged teeth as there was more damage than I had initially been told. I was extremely nervous when I arrived at Hadleigh Dental but was greeted by the friendly staff who made me feel comfortable and reassured from the moment I arrived. I received a thorough and clear treatment plan with the ability to talk through any concerns or worries that I had. The work included splinting, root canal treatment, surgery and finally composite bonding and I can not be happier with the results! The root canal treatment was painless and I haven’t had any issues since. Not only has Dr Singh been able to save my teeth and correct the positioning of them he has also given me my smile back! I can not recommend the team at Hadleigh dental enough.


Simon Clerck

Both the dentist and hygienist are excellent and the level of service is first class. Highly recommend.


Jane Ebbs

My 8 year old son was experiencing some discomfort to his jaw which turned out to be a minor infection needing a baby tooth removed. I called for some advice late on Friday afternoon and my son was seen within the hour. He was quickly x-rayed, diagnosed and treated and we were home in time for tea! Amazing service provided by an excellent team of professionals, thank you again for your expertise.


Lucy Henson

Very highly recommended for efficient and very friendly everyday dentistry, as well as for NHS trauma and broken tooth dentistry. Dr Singh is brilliant with children and teenagers.


ETF Cleaning

Polite staff and clean premises. Great customer service 10/10


Samya Cook

I attended the surgery on 4th and 5th October. On both occasions the administrators were very helpful. As for the dentist, I am grateful for his work. I saw the dentist last time in 2016 for a removable bridge, which in my case was a necessity. This bridge, in the last 6 to 7 years, had allowed me to eat without pain and to enjoy the experience too. This month he demonstrated his specialised skills again in working on a tooth, in contact with the bridge, that needed filling. Thank you. On a personal level, the dentist talked to me as if I came to the clinic recently not in 2016, which reassured me and added to my confidence. His practical advice about hygienic care for bridges is also invaluable.


Tom Lapworth

Very friendly team and extremely calm environment. I would highly recommend


Andrea Durcan

Absolutely amazed, and so happy I've found this surgery! after my own dentist referred me, I have at last, found a safe haven, Dentally I feel safe in the knowledge that Hadleigh Dental Surgery, offer exceptional skills, and professionalism throughout, I'm most grateful to you all xxx


Jen Lawrence

I recently had to find my dad a dentist after he suffered terrible toothache during out of hours, he was seen & treated the same day. He was so grateful for the wonderful & prompt service he received from Dr Singh & his team.


zach corrie

Recently visited after losing my place at another local practice, great experience from all involved, I normally hate the dentist but I was made to feel very comfortable.


Josie Coe

Good service, excellent staff


Emma Sage

I can't recommend this Dental Practice enough. Staff are super friendly, professional and really make you feel at ease. My 7 year old daughter struggles with anxiety and grinds her teeth at night which is causing damage. Miss Norris was fantastic with her, she recommended a night guard to help and an appointment was made within days. The guard has since been fitted and has helped so much, we really are so grateful! Our experience at at hadleigh dental surgery was nothing but positive and we will continue to use you. Many thanks again.


Stuart Ebbs

One evening this week my 14 year old son broke his front tooth in half. The next morning I called the surgery and was able to make an emergency appointment for him to be seen by Dr. Norris on the same day. She made an excellent repair in less than an hour, now it looks even better than before! Fantastic service all round, thank you, we couldn't be happier.


Shirley Coady

I was referred to Hadleigh Dental Surgery by my own dentist in Ipswich. Potentially I had a wisdom tooth problem, but after a 3D scan and an examination by Mr Patel & Mr Singh, it was noted my molar had a crack all the way through so it would have to be extracted. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the extremely knowledgeable and talented Mr Vinod Patel and Mr Singh, who were both present for my tooth extraction. It turned out to be a complete 'non event' as these awesome gentlemen removed said tooth within just under 5 minutes, no complications, no drilling, all out in one go! It actually took longer to numb my mouth than it did to remove the tooth. I hard worked myself up into a huge knot over this, but really, anyone who is going to be in the hands of these two highly professional gentlemen have absolutely nothing to worry about. I highly recommend this surgery and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone i know. Awesome and thank you again :)


Vanessa Pinfold

Cannot recommend & thank enough! Mr Singh’s expertise, knowledge & patience gave my daughter her smile back following a horrific injury. Have been with the practice for many years, would not go anywhere else.


Andrea Martin

After being failed by my old NHS dentist, who’d decided I wasn’t an emergency case through lockdown (even with a broken / chipped tooth) I decided to call Hadleigh Dental practice. I managed to get an appointment with Rachael Norris. I’m so pleased with the work received, and timescales to complete my course of treatment. Would have no hesitation in recommending the practice, so professional, and such a relief to be fully back on track again, I wish I’d have called earlier.


Reuben Greet-Smith

Dr. Singh is a superstar. After some appalling care with two different NHS dentists, my teeth were left in a painful mess. I was referred to Dr. Singh and he immediately put me at ease and proceeded to restore my teeth to full health. An absolute gentleman, a top notch professional, and well-worth the cost. I can't fault the service!


Terry Bannister

An excellent dental experience .


Matthew Kennington

Outstanding out of hours service and professional advice in relation to my 3 year old son following a tooth injury. Cannot fault the advice and will continue to use the practice.


jane smith

Thank you to Dr Wilson for your time. It was good to hear a honest approach to dentistry. I had been told by many dentists my teeth are fine but the persistent pain was annoying me. You diagnosed a cracked tooth and since you have done the treatment my teeth feel so much better. Thank you for helping me and I will be sure to recommend you to family and friends


Catherine Orr

I was referred to Mr Singh by my dentist. The appointment was arranged very quickly and the whole experience was very reassuring. Mr Singh was very helpful and the 3d scan found the problem immediately - something that a normal dental X-ray would not have been able to see. Mr Singh arranged a referral to a specialist very quickly. I would definitely recommend Mr Singh. The rest of the team also seemed very friendly and helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to go back there (and I am a VERY nervous dental patient!)


G Peters

After having previous root canal treatment and having a very painful experience, to say I was petrified is an understatement. I knew I needed further root canal and put off the treatment until I was desperate and in pain. I was introduced to Mr Singh by my brother-in-law (Tom Cutmore from Dental Applications Limited) who is his dental technician. As soon as I met Mr Singh and sat in his dental chair, I felt at ease. He explained all the treatment processes very thoroughly and made me feel so comfortable at every stage. Mr Singh completed the root canal without me feeling pain or discomfort at any point. I am now a patient of Mr Singh’s and will have all future dental treatment carried out by him. My phobia of the dentist has been cured, due to the expertise and precision of this dentist. Thank you. I would highly recommend Mr Singh for any dental treatment.


Tim Fairweather

I came across this dental practice after my wife was very pleased with some root canal work she had done there, at a time when the outlook for my own teeth was bleak. After a consultation with Dr Singh, I opted for dental implants. The work was carefully planned, meticulously thorough from beginning to end, and ably assisted by an excellent team, including a first rate dental technician. I am delighted with the end result.


marnie Botwright Rance

I had a really bad crown fitted when I was 18 on my front tooth - the crown wasn't fitted properly so there was a black line at the top of my tooth and it was the wrong shape and wrong colour (yellowy colour). It was extremely obvious that it was a crown and it left me feeling very self conscious. I also had a veneer fitted to my other front tooth when I was a child but as it was roughly 20 years old, it no longer fit the tooth and it had some nasty stains around the sides. I saw Dr Singh in Hadleigh and he has transformed my teeth. They have been whitened and I have two new crowns at the front which are exactly the same colour as the rest of my teeth. I am completely over the moon and feel very much myself again. I now feel confident enough to smile properly in photos which is such a lovely thing! Furthermore, the staff were so lovely and understanding - I could not recommend more!



I am so pleased with the root canal treatment carried out by Dr Singh. I am so anxious and had a couple of bad experiences with other dentists in the area, however Dr Singh put me at ease and explained my treatment options clearly with all cost options. The root canal was carried out under some high tech equipment and i didn’t feel a thing! A few week later a gold crown was placed to protect the root canal and my tooth was saved. If your looking for a respectable, professional dentist then without a shadow of a doubt Mr Singh is your man!


S Dean

Visited the surgery again today for the final part of my treatment. Such a great atmosphere, felt more like a family friend than a customer. just such a relief as it was a huge amount of work over the three months and it's always been excellent. Thank you everyone, really well done.


Verity Coutts

Terrible time to have a Dental crisis 'Christmas' however what a present to have this dental practice to save the day! Not my usual dentist but was recommended and I'm so happy I was as they were kind, professional and caring; made the appointment especially for me and very reasonable charges. All together left me wishing I lived nearer! Well done team. And a HUGE thank you!


Robert Blayney

Excellent dental practice. Reception staff are very friendly and put you at ease. Dr. Sing made me feel welcome and calmed my nerves, due to his professional manner and all steps of my treatment was explained to me so I was aware of what was going on and what to expect. The dental nurse also looked after me and was supportive all through the treatment. This practice has given back my faith in Dentists as I have always been reluctant due to past experiences! Well worth paying a bit more for the outstanding service.


Ronit Patel

I am a dentist who has referred patients to Dr Singh. Knowledgeable, skillfully, charming and supported by an excellent team.


Robert Smith

I was very pleased with my visit to this surgery after being referred here from my regular dentist. The whole experience was great, the staff were helpful and friendly and made you feel welcome. I would highly recommend to anyone hence the 5 star rating

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