John Chatterjee - Consultant Anaesthetist


 John  Chatterjee

John works alongside Mr Vin Patel our oral surgery consultant at Hadleigh Dental Surgery. John is very well respected Consultant Anaesthetist who can aid in making oral surgery procedures more comfortable for patients and the journey.

John is a Consultant anaesthetist with an interest in pre-hospital care and difficult airway management.

In the pre-hospital and emergency medical environment, he has worked and advised around the world with various ambulance and retrieval services including the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Service in New Zealand, Sydney HEMS, Thames Valley HEMS, Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance, Cega Air Ambulance as well as the Thames Valley, Essex and SECAMB BASICs organisations. He also provides medical cover for the World Rally Championship and circuit racing as well as major festivals such as the V Festival.

John is currently employed as an anaesthetist at Guys and St Thomas' Hospital, London and as a Consultant with London's Air Ambulance. In addition to working as one of our pre-hospital care doctors, John is our Consultant Advisor for pre-hospital and emergency care, using his extensive experience to advise the Executive Team on policy and procedure in this important area of our work.